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Your purchase includes

  • $249 Home sleep test, virtual consultation and prescription by our sleep professionals.
    • A virtual consultation with a highly trained sleep specialist.
    • A prescription for therapy as clinically indicated.
    • The NightOwl home sleep test, which includes:
      • A fully disposable NightOwl with 10 finger wraps.
      • A unique activation link and code supplied over email.
      • An interpretation of your sleep results by a board-certified sleep physician.
    • The complete set of documents needed for insurance reimbursement, if applicable.
Please note that while your purchase includes a prescription for therapy as needed, there may be additional cost associated when fulfilling the prescription for the therapy.

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Home Sleep Test

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Diagnosis and a New Prescription

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Meet some of our sleep specialists

Dr. Bijwadia, a board certified physician in Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, is founder of a national sleep telemedicine practice (Sleepmedrx) serving all 50 states.

Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD. DABSM

Board certified in Family, Obesity, and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Agarwal is a member of AAFP, AASM, CHEST, OMA, and AAPI.

Kunal Agarwal, MD. DABSM

Dr. Surkin is triple board certified in sleep medicine, cardiovascular disease and nuclear cardiology and has been practicing since 1997.

Lee A. Surkin, MD. DABSM

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be assured of a prescription for Oral Appliance Therapy if I register?

Dental devices like Whole You™ Sleep Appliance are usually prescribed for patients with mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Oral appliances may also be an option for patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea if CPAP is not tolerated or refused. Our licensed sleep specialists will evaluate and make sure  there are no other medical reasons that would preclude  an oral appliance  as a treatment option.

I have been diagnosed with Obstructive sleep apnea and have been prescribed a CPAP. Do I need a new sleep study to get a  Whole You™ Sleep Appliance?

If you have a copy of a valid sleep study (one completed within the last 36 months) a new sleep study is not required.

If I  have a valid sleep study that was completed within the last 36 months, how do I get a prescription for a Whole You™ Sleep Appliance?

At $99, our licensed sleep specialist will provide a telemedicine consult to review your previous test results and provide a prescription for an oral appliance if clinically appropriate. 

What is a valid sleep study?

A valid sleep study is one completed within the last 36 months. A valid sleep study is required for both a prescription of Oral Appliance Therapy, and the reimbursement of your Oral Appliance Therapy from your medical insurance plan.

What should I do if I don’t have a copy of the sleep study?

Contact the sleep center or doctor who performed your sleep study and request a copy.  If you are unable to obtain a copy, a new sleep study will be required. 

How much does a sleep study cost?

At $249, our licensed sleep specialist will provide an initial telemedicine consult which is required to order a home sleep test. A board certified sleep specialist will also as part of the process and included in the price,  interpret the results and provide a prescription for an oral appliance if clinically appropriate.